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    Acidified Cream Butter

    This butter’s ‘secret’ lies in the acidification of the cream (obtained by churning the milk) through the addition of selected micro-organisms. This produces a butter of a much higher quality than average, not only for its aroma and flavour but also with regard to its ‘spreadability’.

      Categoria : Cheeses, Lombardia, Regional selections

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    Buffalo Robiola

    New variation on the theme of the classic Robiola, obtained with the use of buffalo milk. Classic round shape, soft texture and creamy, bloomy rind through the use of Penicillium Camemberti.

      Categoria : Cheeses, Lombardia, Regional selections

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    BurroinAcqua (butter in water)

    The “secret” of this butter is the selection of cream (obtained by centrifugation of the milk) and the subsequent fermentation obtained by the addition of selected microorganisms. Then the butter obtained is printed by hand as once you put into jars. Putting the butter in water (the butter was born in fresh water), allows you [...]

      Categoria : Cheeses, Piemonte, Regional selections

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    Capra Alto Piemonte

    Goat cheese produced by the cheesemakers of northeastern Piedmont, after aging in underground cellars for a minimum period of 45 days. A thin crust and light characterizes its delicate appearance, typical of good table cheese, simple in form but of great substance. Excellent with red wines of Piedmont.

      Categoria : Cheeses, Piemonte, Regional selections

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    Catalog and coloring album

    It ‘s now possible to browse and download the catalog from our official Guffanti website Guffanti. You just have to go to the Guffanti’s website dedicated DOWNLOAD area (http://www.guffantiformaggi.com/download-2/ page) and download it. It will be also possible to find  the downloadable version of our popular coloring album with the history of cheese (in Italian [...]

      Categoria : Events, News

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    Coming soon: Robiola Due e Tre Latti MINI

    Small is beautiful: it will be finally soon available the Robiola 2 and the Robiola 3 Milks (strictly produced milk with Italian) in the MINI (small) version. About 110 gr. the weight of the 2 Milks, 220 gr. for the 3 milks. Soon available!

      Categoria : Cheeses, News, Senza categoria

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    Easter 2015

    For Easter 2015 the Guffanti dove-cake is back! Book it at Guffanti.

      Categoria : Cheeses, News, Piemonte, Press releases, Regional selections

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    Flowers’ hearts for Valentine

    The “3 milks Flowers’ Heart” is back for Valentine 2014. Available with rose petals, berries or natural.

      Categoria : Cheeses, News

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    Formaggio 1/3 Birra

    Cheese from Piedmont (Biella Alps), produced with the addition of a craft beer Piedmont,  the Margot Blondeale. The cheeses are matured in underground cellars scale fir for a period ranging from 30 to 60 days.

      Categoria : Piemonte

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    Formaggio di alpeggio Piani di Bobbio

    An interesting news directly from the mountain pastures of Piani di Bobbio (in Valsassina): a cheese nostrale great character and unmistakable structure given by the raw milk (from the Pezzata Rossa cow or by Bruna Alpina cow). The tradition of  ”home made” cheeses (a time when the coagulated milk was the staple food of essential [...]

      Categoria : Cheeses, Lombardia, Regional selections

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    Guffanti Formaggi on “Herbarella”

    The Swiss magazine “Herbarella” has devoted the last issue a report on the city of Arona and its beautiful gardens. Among the “goodies” local it was reported also Guffanti Formaggi, with its cheeses and its aging caves. 2014 – Herbarella

      Categoria : News, Press releases

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    Herb’s Hearts for Valentine

    From the traditional producer of the classic “Maccagnetta” Piedmont, a delicate novelty for Valentine’s Day 2014: Heart with herbs.

      Categoria : Cheeses, Piemonte, Regional selections

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