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Burrata is made with an external bag of thin stringy paste similar to that of ‘fiordilatte’ and is filled with cream mixed with milk enzymes and small off cuts (called ‘lucini’) of mozzarella. When the season permits, they are further enveloped in the large, fleshy leaves of a plant called ‘vizzo’ whose pungent aroma penetrates the cheese.

Available in various sizes, including the new version 125 g in cup (0902570)

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect: external bag of white stringy paste, pure semi-liquid inside
Taste: fresh, milky with traces of cream and slightly acidic milk
Serving suggestions: white wines and lagers. Red tomato preserve. Ciabatta bread, pasta without sauces
Technical characteristics
Milk: full fat, pasteurized + cream, cow’s milk
Production method: artisan
Paste: stringy
Salting: in brine
Ripening: none
Production period: throughout the year
Fats: 60 % F-Dm
Weight: 0.3-0.4kg
Size: 10-12 cm diameter
Producers: dairies from Andria and Corato (Apulia)