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Carnia Malga Cheese


This cheese was originally produced in malga (alpine huts), some of which were recorded in documents of the 11th century.  The mountainous area has an abundance of alpine pastures and lies on the borders with Austria and Slovenia. According to local traditions, beech wood is used to heat the copper cheese cauldrons because it generates greater heat than other woods. Some producers will blend the cow’s milk with 10% of goat’s milk as this gives greater flavour to the cheese. It can ripen for periods exceeding one year.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: semi-hard or hard deep yellow paste with a few holes
Taste: very intense with traces of occasionally bitter, mountain grasses
Serving suggestions: Full bodied red wines. Chestnut honey, Italian hot fruit chutney. Fresh, rather under ripe fruit (apples and Passacrassana pears). Rye bread
Technical characteristics
Milk: skimmed, raw cow (or possibly goat’s) milk
Production method: Alpine pasture
Paste: cooked, pressed
Salting: in brine
Ripening: at least one month
Production period: summer
Fats: 40% F-Dm
Weight: 4 -5 kg each
Size: 25 cm diameter, 4-5 cm h
Producers: alpine hut dwellers from the Carnia Alps