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Elvo Valley Tometta – skimmed milk


It’s a cheese with a long maturation produced with cow’s milk for at least two consecutive milkings partially skimmed.
This cheese was transported by mule or porters, from the huts of the alpine pastures of Sordevolo the capital of the valley. There took place in the underground cellars seasoning.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: compact, more or less intense yellow paste according to the length of ripening, with few holes and an orange rind
Taste: intense and sweet
Serving suggestions: Red wines. Fresh fruit. Marrow chutney. Black rye bread
Technical characteristics
Milk: partially skimmed, cow’s milk
Production method: artisan
Paste: cooked, pressed
Salting: dry
Ripening: at least 60 days
Production period: throughout the year
Fats: less than 30 % F-Dm
Weight: 4.5 kg
Size: diameter 25 cm, h 6 cm
Producers: cheese dairies from the Biella area