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One, two and three milks robiola


This is a family of small ‘Robiola’ cheeses produced in the Langhe cheese dairies. Their common trait is the brief ripening period and the blooming rind which can be eaten together with the cheese due to the presence of noble yeasts.  Some products are made exclusively with cow’s milk whilst the others are made with two or three kinds of milk. The forms and dimensions are equally different. The production of mixed milk cheeses are typically made in the spring and summer months when the goats and sheep are in their milk producing period.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: soft, occasionally melting, ivory paste with blooming rind
Taste: sweet and milky with persistent traces of yeast from the rind. In the mixed milk version, there are traces of sheep and goat’s milk
Serving suggestions: Fruity white wines, lagers. Marmalade, marrow and ginger preserve. Fresh fruit. Walnut or raisin bread
Technical characteristics
Milk: raw or pasteurised, cow - sheep and cow - sheep, cow and goat’s milk
Production method: artisan and industrial
Paste: uncooked, not pressed
Salting: dry
Ripening: at least three days
Production period: annual
Fats: 45% F-Dm
Weight: 100 – 300 gr. each
Size: variable
Producers: dairies from the Langhe area (Piedmont)