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Sextner Latteria


This is a type of cheese that is generically called ‘Bergkäse’ or ‘Mountain cheese’ in Alto Adige and it is produced in the valley dairies.  This specific variety comes from Sesto (Sext) in Val Pusteria and is distinguised by the care taken in its production. An appropriate ripening can bring out the very best of its potential.

Caratteristiche organolettiche
Aspetto: compact, intense yellow paste with numerous medium to large holes
Sapore: intense and sweet
Abbinamenti: Red wines. Aromatic honey. Marrow chutney. Fresh fruit (Passacrassana pears). Black rye bread and polenta
Caratteristiche tecniche
Latte: skimmed, raw, cow’s milk
Lavorazione: artisan
Pasta: cooked, pressed
Salatura: in brine
Stagionatura: at least sixty days
Produzione: throughout the year
Grassi: 40 % F-Dm
Peso: 10-12 kg
Dimensioni: 20-30 cm diameter, h. 8-10 cm
Produttori: dairies from Val Pusteria