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Lavarone Vezzena


The area around the Vezzana Pass is famous as a place where cheeses are ripened and it is also where this excellent quality, hard cheese is produced. It is a product that undergoes a protracted ripening which can last over two years.

Caratteristiche organolettiche
Aspetto: hard, yellow paste with widespread pinholes
Sapore: intense, piquant and dry with traces of stable and woodland undergrowth
Abbinamenti: full bodied, aged, red wines. Chestnut honey, hot fruit chutney. Rye bread
Caratteristiche tecniche
Latte: skimmed, raw, cow’s milk
Lavorazione: artisan and alpine pasture
Pasta: cooked, pressed
Salatura: in brine
Stagionatura: at least one year
Produzione: throughout the year, summer alpine pasture
Grassi: 40% F-Dm
Peso: 8-10 kg
Dimensioni: 34-40 cm diameter, h. 8-12 cm
Produttori: dairies from the Trento area