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This was originally a method devised by the shepherds in some of the internal southern Italian areas to keep butter.  Sealed inside a sack of stringy paste and uncontaminated by the air, it could keep unaltered for many weeks, acquiring additional flavour in the meantime. It is commonly produced throughout southern Italy and is occasionally called Manteca (‘butter’ in Spanish) or Burrino (small butter) or Burriello (a variation of the former).

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: external sack of white or yellow stringy paste, butter inside
Taste: buttery, penetrating the external cheese layer
Serving suggestions: White wines, lagers. Red tomato preserve. ‘Ciabatta’ bread, bruschetta and pasta without tomato sauces
Technical characteristics
Milk: full fat, raw + butter, cow’s milk
Production method: artisan
Paste: stringy
Salting: in brine
Ripening: optional
Production period: throughout the year
Fats: 60-70 % Mgs
Weight: 0.5 kg
Size: 10-12 cm diameter
Producers: dairies from Molise and Apulia