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The most classic Tuscan cheese with a characteristic shape of a squashed loaf. Its origins lie in the Chianti area but, today, it is produced in other areas towards the borders of Tuscany. This is the latest, mixed milk version although there are other, more artisan versions to be found.

Caratteristiche organolettiche
Aspetto: soft, compact, yellow paste with a few tiny holes
Sapore: sweet and fresh with traces of sheep’s milk
Abbinamenti: White wines. Green tomato chutney. Fresh fruit (apples, Passacrassana pears), Tuscan ‘sciocco’ unsalted bread
Caratteristiche tecniche
Latte: full fat, raw or pasteurised, sheep and cow’s milk
Lavorazione: artisan and industrial
Pasta: cooked, pressed
Salatura: dry
Stagionatura: at least twenty days
Produzione: October to March
Grassi: 45 % F-Dm
Peso: 0.5 kg
Dimensioni: 15-20 cm diameter
Produttori: central Tuscany dairies