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Monferrato goat robiola


Typical Piedmont, pure goat’s cheese to be eaten after a brief ripening and the passage from the state of ‘fresh’ to ‘shrivelled’ cheese. It can also be aromatised with strong smelling local herbs such as wild thyme, rosemary, basil, lemon balm, mint, nettle and sage.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: compact, soft, yellow paste
Taste: intense with strong traces of goat and the aroma of eventual herbs added as a covering
Serving suggestions: Fruity white wines, lagers. Marmalade, marrow and ginger preserve. Walnut or raisin bread
Technical characteristics
Milk: full fat, raw, goat’s milk
Production method: artisan
Paste: uncooked
Salting: dry
Ripening: at least fifteen days
Production period: spring - autumn
Fats: 40% F-Dm
Weight: 0.2 kg
Size: 3-4 cm diameter, h. 10-12 cm
Producers: small herder-dairies from the Monferrato area