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Rare, large, blue marbled, alpine pasture cheese originally produced in the high Val di Susa on the border with France.  It is closely related with some of the cheeses produced in Savoy just over the Alps (Maurienne Valley – hence Murianeng). The production method is similar to that of Castelmagno cheese although the Murianeng paste has more fats and a rounder flavour. Its lengthy ripening period encourages the absolutely naturally intense blue marbling.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: grainy, compact, yellow paste with bluish marbling in ‘patches’
Taste: strong and intense with traces of stables and penicillin
Serving suggestions: full bodied, aged, red wines, sweet and liqueur wines Hot fruit chutney, red onion preserve. Rye bread and polenta
Technical characteristics
Milk: skimmed, raw, cow or goat’s milk
Production method: alpine pasture
Paste: pressed
Salting: dry
Ripening: at least 60 days
Production period: summer
Fats: 40% F-Dm
Weight: 8-10 kg
Size: 30 cm diameter, h. 10 cm
Producers: alpine hut dwellers in the Val di Susa