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Legend has it that Pannarello, a fresh cheese produced by adding a small amount of cream to the milk, was first created through a cheese maker’s error in overheating the milk to be curdled and having nothing but a bucket of fresh cream with which to bring the temperature down.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect: soft and compact, ivory white paste with a scattering of holes
Taste: sweet and fresh with traces of butter
Serving suggestions: Blueberry jam and marmalade, aromatic honey. Baguette type bread
Technical characteristics
Milk: full fat + cream, pasteurised, cow’s milk
Production method: artisan and industrial
Paste: uncooked
Salting: in brine
Ripening: none
Production period: throughout the year
Fats: 50% F-Dm
Weight: 5-9 kg
Size: 30-35 cm diameter, h. 6-8 cm
Producers: dairies in the Veneto and Friuli areas