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Piedmont toma DOP


The denomination of protected origin ‘Piedmont Toma’ was officially established in 1993, bringing together a number of Piedmont Toma products previously known by the names of their places of origin (some Toma have, nonetheless, still kept their specific characteristics and name).  For this reason, more than having a single, precisely defined physiognomy, Piedmont Toma rather represents a family of products with a variety of characteristics which range from the use of both full fat or skimmed milk (subsequently subdivided into fat or semi-fat toma) and ample freedom of size and external aspect. The milk must, however, be exclusively cow’s milk.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: compact, yellow paste with numerous elongated, small or larger holes
Taste: intense with traces of hay and stable, sometimes with a bitter flavour
Serving suggestions: full bodies, red wines. Aromatic honey. Fresh fruit. Black rye bread and polenta.
Technical characteristics
Milk: full fat or skimmed, raw or pasteurised, cow’s milk
Production method: artisan and industrial
Paste: cooked, pressed
Salting: dry and in brine
Ripening: at least 60 days
Production period: throughout the year (summer alpine pasture)
Fats: 20-40 % F-Dm
Weight: 1.8-8 kg
Size: variable
Producers: Piedmont dairies