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Toma del Campanile


Toma del Campanile is produced in the hills of Lake Maggiore at the foot of  Mottarone, these animals are moved in the summer alp vigil for its production of Toma.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: Intense straw-colored paste, compact, with dense bird's eye holes to or larger
Taste: intense, flavorful, with hints of barn
Serving suggestions: Full-bodied red wines. Aromatic honey. Fresh fruit (pear Passacrassana). Black rye bread, polenta
Technical characteristics
Milk: vaccine, whole, raw
Production method: artisanal in the hills
Paste: cooked, pressed
Salting: dry and in brine
Ripening: 60 days minimum
Production period: winter
Fats: 45% MGSS
Weight: 5-7 kg
Size: l 30-40 cm, h 10-15 cm
Producers: dairyman from the hills in Piedmont side of Lake Maggiore