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Formaggio Brescianella


This is an industrial cheese produced in two different versions (this is the less ripened of the two). Nonetheless, Brescianella has its own distinctive personality due to the quality of the milk from cows fed with silage and the care taken in refining the product.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: very soft, yellow paste. White bloomy edible rind.
Taste: sweet and milky with the flavour of the noble yeasts in the rind.
Serving suggestions: Fruity white wines, lagers. Fresh fruit, bread rolls.
Technical characteristics
Milk: full fat, pasteurised, cow’s milk
Production method: industrial
Paste: uncooked, not pressed
Salting: dry
Ripening: 30 days
Production period: throughout the year
Fats: 50 % F-Dm
Weight: 0.2-2.3 kg
Size: 15 x 5cm diameter, h. 2-3 cm
Producers: dairies in the provinces of Brescia and Cremona