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Spressetta di capra


The tradition of goat cheese is very rooted in the Ossola valleys where they always produce the goat rennet and lately also to lactic acid (type soft cheese)
For “home” means the dairy of Ossola valley, opposite the high mountain pastures. Guffanti takes special care in the selection of manufacturers with high quality standards: this is often the same mountain dwellers in the months of the year in which they remain in the valley tome dedicated to the “home” with the skill demonstrated in pasture, although the matter first (ie milk) is different, no flavors transmitted by the high mountain flora. Important production Antigorio Valley, one of the valleys of Ossola, where she was shooting the traditional manufacturing to raw milk.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: pulp white, soft, supple on the palate
Taste: strong, with the aging intensifies the flavor without ever becoming too
Serving suggestions: chestnut honey, with Coimo black bread and wine Ossolano
Technical characteristics
Milk: goat milk, curd, salt
Production method: artisanal and industrial
Paste: cooked at low temperature (raw paste)
Salting: in brine and dry
Ripening: 60 days minimum
Production period: seasonal
Fats: 30% / 36% MGSS
Weight: 3,5 kg / 4,0 kg
Size: diameter 30 cm, h. 5 cm
Producers: Farmers in Ossola Valley