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Toma Parco Naturale del Veglia


The history of exploitation of the pastures in Val d’Ossola is documented as early as a thousand years. The mountain offers Ossola, even at high altitudes, the vast expanses of, well sheltered from the wind for grazing animals, and these characteristics, the local mountain folk through the ages have known how to make cheese of great value. The most famous Alpine Ossola is to Bettelmatt, high Pomatt, Ossola in the north, now under that name the cheeses are also offered the pastures of formazzini Toggia, Kastel, Sangiatto, Lake Vannino, Alpe Forno and Poiala. From summer 2003, to distinguish them from the now widespread counterfeiting, the tome of the pastures of Bettelmatt bear the branding with the name.
Other large pastures are located nearby ossolani Bognanco, Divedro Val, Val di Campo Valley, Antrona Valley, Antigorio Valley and Alpe Veglia. Very limited production, a few hundred forms each year, worked in the months of July and August, and without descending to the valley by mule or, in recent years, helicopter (particularly from the enclaves Italian Swiss territory represented by the outstanding Alpe Cravariola expanse (1,500 acres), whose gateway is represented in the Italian territory from the Alps Coipo).

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: Intense straw-colored paste, compact, dense holes with eye of partridge or larger
Taste: very intense, flavorful, with hints of herbs and alpine barn
Serving suggestions: Aromatic white wines until the cheese is young, full-bodied red when aged. Aromatic honey.
Technical characteristics
Milk: vaccine, whole, raw
Production method: in alpage
Paste: cooked, pressed
Salting: in brine
Ripening: 60 days minimum in natural caves
Production period: during summer
Fats: 47% MGSS
Weight: 4 to 6 kg
Size: l 30-40 cm, h. 8 cm
Producers: dairymen in Alpe Veglia mountain