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Torta di Peghera


It is produced in Valtaleggio, made with raw milk box with clear proteolysis undercrust, original recipe to the time domain Valtaleggio Veneto.

Remember the “big brother” with Strachitunt But the total absence of marbling on the lack of penicillum.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: straw pulp, soft in the undercrust, compact center
Taste: characteristic, with hints of barn, with a typical aromatic flavour
Serving suggestions: Medium-bodied red wine, spicy fruit chutney, red onion jam. Rye bread, polenta "taragna"
Technical characteristics
Milk: cow, whole, thermised
Production method: artisanal
Paste: uncooked, unpressed
Salting: dry
Ripening: 45 days minimum
Production period: all over the year
Fats: 54% MGSS
Weight: about 2,4 kg
Size: l 18 cm, h 10-12 cm
Producers: farmers in Val Taleggio area