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Tronchetto mixed milk in vegetable ash


From Puglia region a remake of the classic cheese mixed milk (cow – sheep – goat), a pyramid-shaped nozzle with the addition of coal ash plant.

The delicate flavor and balanced of the three milks is guaranteed by the conservation obtained from coal ash, the result is a classic range of optical Guffanti interpreted in a more “green” vision.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect: white paste, soft rind with black - gray
Taste: with light notes of sheep and ircine, slightly acidic
Serving suggestions: Fruity white wines, lagers. Orange marmalade, jam and pumpkin ginger. Fresh fruit, nut bread or grapes
Technical characteristics
Milk: cow, sheep, goat, pasteurized whole
Production method: artisanal
Paste: raw, unpressed
Salting: dry
Ripening: 20 days minimum
Production period: annual percentage of milk used depending on availability
Fats: 40% Mgss
Weight: 230 gr about
Size: l 9 cm, h 5,5 cm
Producers: small dairy-cheese-makers in Puglia