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Tuscan Caciotta


A widely available Tuscan product, it is to be found mainly in the Maremma area. It is produced with mixed milk in accordance with the long-lasting traditions of central Italian Caciottas.

Caratteristiche organolettiche
Aspetto: compact, yellow paste with rare holes
Sapore: sweet, fresh with traces of sheep’s milk
Abbinamenti: White wines. Hot green tomato preserve. Tuscan unsalted bread
Caratteristiche tecniche
Latte: full fat, raw or pasteurised, cow and sheep’s milk
Lavorazione: artisan and industrial Paste: cooked, pressed
Pasta: cooked, pressed
Salatura: dry
Stagionatura: at least 15 days
Produzione: throughout the year
Grassi: 40 % F-Dm
Peso: 0.5 – 0.8 kg
Dimensioni: 10-15 cm diameter, h. 8-10 cm
Produttori: dairies in Tuscany