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Urbino Casciotta DOP


We are told that even the great Michelangelo was an admirer of the famous Urbino Caciotta, to the extent that he rented out various fields in Urbania in order to ensure himself a constant supply! The ‘Urbino Casciotta’ [pronounced according to the local dialect rather than the more usual ‘caciotta’] was awarded denomination of protected origin (DOP – denominazione di origine protetta) status in 1982 as a unique example amongst the many central Italian caciottas. It is produced by blending 70% sheep’s milk with 30% cow’s milk.

Caratteristiche organolettiche
Aspetto: soft, compact yellow paste with occasional holes. The forms are dipped in paraffin to prevent dehydration
Sapore: sweet and fresh with traces of sheep’s milk
Abbinamenti: White wines. Green tomato chutney. Tuscan unsalted bread
Caratteristiche tecniche
Latte: full fat, raw or pasteurised, cow and sheep’s milk
Lavorazione: artisan and industrial
Pasta: cooked, pressed
Salatura: dry
Stagionatura: at least twenty days
Produzione: throughout the year
Grassi: 45 % F-Dm
Peso: 0.8-1.2kg
Dimensioni: 12-16 cm diameter, h. 5-7cm
Produttori: dairies belonging to the Urbino Casciotta production Consortium