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Formaggio in Villa 2013: and the winner is Guffanti!

5 March 2013


Great success at the third edition of Cheese in Villa, held from Saturday 2nd to Monday, March 4th in the Marvellous setting of Villa Braida Mogliano Veneto.

Public for special occasions and exceptional panel of exhibitors.

Tastings and cooking shows have graced the event, while the contest (Prize “Cheese laughing”) between the public interest has awarded several excellent: they included a Robiola 3 Milks (seasoned) of Guffanti!

The Alpine pasture

Situated between 1300 and 2200 meters in altitude, the Alpine pastures produce in the heart of summer a greatly reduced amount of amazing cheeses. For 125 years, our trade has been to know the places, the people, and the traditions, in order to select the best of the best of Italian cheese production.

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From the artisan dairy

Follow us to get to know the producers of our cheeses: craftsmen from all the Italian regions who cultivate a centuries old craft.

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Our season caves

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