Tometta Fria

This cheese takes its name from the eponymous Ossola pass, the doorway to Cravariola. The bloom on the rind is absolutely natural without the use of any cultivated yeasts. Ripening takes place in the Oira cellar. It can be eaten as it is, but it is also excellent when cooked on a metal plate cut into two, as per the photograph, or in circular slices about one centimetre high grilled or microwaved for about ten seconds, possibly dressed with pepper and/or a sprinkling of mixed herbs. When soft and runny it is excellent with potatoes or with fish and shellfish. Another interesting recipe is to dip the slices in beaten egg and breadcrumbs and to fry them golden, like cutlets.

Organoleptic characteristics

Aspect and texture
compact, ivory paste with possible rare holes, blooming rind
sweet, delicate and milky
Serving suggestions
White wines and lagers. Red tomato conserve. Piedmont breadsticks, focaccia.

Technical characteristics

full fat, pasteurised, cow’s milk
Production method
cheese dairy
cooked, pressed
in brine
at least 30 days
Production period
throughout the year (summer alpine pasture)
45 % F-Dm
0.5 kg
9-10 cm diameter, h.5-6 cm
cheese dairy in the Valle Antigorio
Codice forma
Codice tagliato

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