Grasso d'Alpe Buscagna
September 19, 2012

Grasso d’Alpe Buscagna

The new wheels directly from the mountain of Grasso d'Alpe Buscagna finally arrived in our caves.

The history of the exploitation of pastures in Val d'Ossola is documented as early as a thousand years. The mountain offers Ossola, even at high altitudes, the vast expanses and well sheltered from the winds for grazing animals, and these characteristics, the local mountain dwellers through the centuries have been able to draw cheese of great value. Very limited production, a few hundred forms each year, work in the months of July and August, and without descending to the valley by mule or, in recent years, by helicopter.
The pasture Buscagna is 1950 meters rising from Alpe Alpe Veglia Devero direction.