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Sola di Pecora (sheep milk)


“Sora” or “Sola” in Piedmontese dialect is the sole of a shoe, to which thsi squared the cheese was jokingly compared, especially after a long ageing. This version, coming from Cuneo, it is different from the classic cow’s milk Sola, as in this production it is used sheep’s milk.

Organoleptic characteristics
Aspect and texture: Compact texture, natural rind full of noble rot red
Taste: Delicate for ages less than 30 days. Strong taste for seasoning over 60 days.
Serving suggestions: Red wines, stouts. Grape jam and green tomato. wholemeal bread
Technical characteristics
Milk: sheep, pasteurized whole
Production method: artisanal
Paste: compact paste
Salting: dry
Ripening: 90 days minimum
Production period: all over the year
Fats: 32% MGSS
Weight: 1 kg to 2 kg
Size: h 5,5 cm, l 24 cm x 12 cm
Producers: farmers from Cuneo area (Piedmont)